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Pinecrest Community Trail - Open to the public.  This trail is 1/3 of a mile long gravel behind the state road garage on rt. 119.  it is open for walking, hiking, biking, and jogging for all ages.  There are fields in the middle for playing and having fun!

Camp Sheppard Walking Trail and Ball Field - Supported by the RC Commission and provides a walking trail and ball field for the community. 

Travel track and Soccer - providing fitness opportunities for our youth to broaden their fitness and sports skills by competing together in other community leagues.

STEM Camps - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math camps for Roane and Jackson County Students. Supported by the Governor's STEM Initiative.

Prevention Groups - Youth drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention groups.

Community Book Boxes- Literacy Book boxes to promote and provide reading and sharing throughout Roane County.

Community Benches - Benches for the BOE ball field supporting community character messages.

PATCH Sunny Bank Agricultural Project -  Agricultural Jobs program supported by the Sisters Health Foundation, PACF, and Sunny Bank Land Trust.  The program includes 40 free ranging hens that are fed organic food. The program currently provides all the eggs needed for the daycare meals. A No-Till garden that produces over 500 lbs. of vegetables for the daycare and senior meals in Roane County.

Hydroponic lettuce and Tomato projects - PATCH is currently providing all the lettuce and greens to our daycare meals.  The project tests the latest hydroponic growing with our high school students running the project as a business model. 

more to come!

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